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NAGAZI is a hard rock/metal outfit, based in Michigan. If you dig the likes of Anthtax, Clutch, Pantera and Lamb of God, this band is for you.

Hometown - Mt Pleasant 
Record Label - Indepentant

Today's music industry climate is tougher than ever to navigate, and with a wealth of proven experience in the grind, Nagazi and its members are no stranger to the path. From national tours, an impeccable merch game, and social media approachability with a sincere fan connection, Nagazi are DIY masters through and through, achieving success on their own terms.

Formed in 2014, these road dogs have shared the stage with the likes of Exodus, Soulfly, Death Angel, Devildriver, HedPE, Nonpoint, Deicide, Flotsam & Jetsam, Hammerfall, Whitechapel, Lorna Shore, Raven Black, and 36 Crazy Fists among others. And with a uniquely brutal yet captivating sound, Nagazi immediately resonates with the heavy metal masses and elitists alike.

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